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We are experts in Direct Debits & use the latest technology to provide perfect solutions for our customers.


All different types of businesses which want to automate their income collection. These customers have their own Originator Identification Numbers but want to outsource their collections to a professional accredited Bureau, which uses fully automated procedures to credit the funds direct into the customer's account and provide reports to assist with reconciliation.

The FM Bureau involves the collection of monies via Direct Debit for companies who do not have their own OIN.

Using the latest technologies, we forward funds directly into client's accounts, provide reports, and maintain databases.

To use a Commercial Bureau your bank has to sponsor you to obtain your own Originator Identification Number but with Facility Management the OIN is provided by the bureau.

Facility Management is often required by smaller companies.

Some customers need to collect payer's details for Paperless Direct Debits and we create web pages which can be used on customer's web sites or at their call centres to correctly capture the information and feed this data direct to our bureau or back to the customers own software.


For customers who wish to collect their own payment through their own BACS software we can provide BACS ?IP software to integrate into their own systems

AUDDIS is the lodgement of new Direct Debits to the payer's bank electronically.

ADDACS is the advice of amendment and cancellation of payers.

ARUDDS is the BACS Report on Unpaid Direct Debits

Direct Debits are really simple and we have staff with over 30 years experience to support our customers.

It is mandatory to make a modulus check of the payer's bank account while the new payer is on the phone or the website. It is recommended to check the payer's address. The principle is knowing your customer.

Our staff are available to help our customers with systems to improve their data collection and their direct debit collections.

Customers can sign up by paper direct debit instruction or by a paperles method ie telephone or web