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Secure Collections

We are experts in Direct Debits & use the latest technology to provide perfect solutions for our customers.

Commercial Bureau

  • No Need for Expensive Software
  • Low Set Up Costs
  • No Need for Costly Training
  • Use our Expert Team
  • Simple Integration
  • Contingency Support Services

 Facility Management for Direct Debits

  • No Need for Sponsorship for your bank
  • Your own Originator Identification Number Provided
  • Complete Support from our Team
  • No Bank Charges from your bank

Direct Debit  Software

  • BACS IP Fully Integration Solutions
  • Direct Debit Management Software
  • Full Support from specially Trained Staff
  • Direct Debit Expertise

On Line Services & Validation for Paperless Direct Debits

  • Online Data Collation Services
  • Website Specialists
  • Address & Account Details Validation
  • Integrated Reports

Direct Debit Support

  • Staff with over 30 years experience
  • Consultants specialising in Payments & Collections
  • Helpline for ongoing support